4 Unusual Foods to Give a Try 

Far too often I find myself sliding into a routine of eating the same old food staples that I’ve eaten my whole life and I have a real urge to just try something a little different. If that is something that sounds familiar to you, or if you’re tired of “pasta” being the only idea you have for your dinner, then this blog might be right up your street.  


This fruit will, if nothing else, divide opinions. While popular in South East Asia, Durian has a strong, pungent smell that has somewhat scuppered its popularity elsewhere. People tend to be split over whether its smell is attractive or stinky and sickening, so I guess you’ll find out which type of person you are when you cut into it. Despite differing opinion about the smell, most people agree that Durian is a very tasty fruit and you might find it becoming one of your regular purchases. 


As South Korea’s national dish, Kimchi is incredibly popular and a staple of most meals. This side dish is a mix of seasoned fermented vegetables and it can be added to almost any meal as a type of condiment. I’ve found that it is particularly tasty when used as a topping for a saltier dish and it is an especial treat when mixed in with a bowl of hot chips. 


Okra has become a standard of traditional “Southern” food, playing an important part in lots of recipes and as a snack when pickled or fried. As a really great source of calcium and magnesium, Okra is a good addition to any diet and its versatility as an ingredient in cooking makes it suitable for a large variety of different cuisines. I’d recommend having a quick search for recipes including okra, and you might be surprised at just how many different meals come up. 


This type of grass seed is a major component of lots of Ethiopian dishes and is a great replacement for other grains. Teff can be cooked into a variety of dishes, one of the most popular being a type of fermented pancakey bread called injera, which is perfect to accompany stews, spices and other hearty dishes. 


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