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Dream Kitchen Equipment, Part 2 

A little while ago I made a list of a couple of my absolute dream pieces of kitchen equipment, and since I’m never one to stop dreaming, I’m back with even more of my favourite things to fantasize about kitting out my kitchen with.  

Boiling Water Tap 

Not too long ago I went on a family trip where we all stayed in a youth hostel that we had rented out (weird I know), and in the hostel’s kitchen they had the most wondrous device I’ve ever seen – a tap that released boiling water immediately at the touch of a button. I was smitten right off the bat. I mean, just think about it – no more waiting for the kettle to boil or heating up pots of water on the hob, just boiling water that is ready for you whenever you need it. As soon as we got back from that trip I immediately looked into getting one of these machines and, unsurprisingly, I was a little staggered by the price tag.  

These boiling water taps are definitely a luxury – although they have been steadily coming down in price over the last few years – but the sheer convenience offered by them makes them rank solidly in my dream list, hell I’ve thought about how great the one I tried out was far too many times already. 

Sub Zero Fridge 

I used to scoff when I saw people buying a hulking absolute unit of a fridge, but that all changed when I became aware of the Sub Zero range. There is no avoiding the fact that these fridges are a bit of an aesthetic dead zone in a kitchen, but their size and effectiveness makes them almost -almost- worth the sacrifice in looks. These fridges will hold a staggering amount of food and they do a great job at keeping everything cool and preserved, to the point where they have become something of an industry standard in professional kitchens. 

While I can’t see myself fitting one of these beasts into my current kitchen, in the land of dreams and infinite money this would be up there on my list of preferred cooling appliances. That list isn’t too exciting mind, but when it comes to keeping your milk chilly I’m all business. 


So, there we go, a by no means exhaustive list of the kitchen appliances that haunt my dreams, but I hope that I’ve added to your own list in some way so that we can all sit down and dream of the perfect kitchen together. 

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